One of these days…

…I’m going to get really bored, and stage my own UFO hoax. Whoever is behind this very elaborate one is obviously having one hell of a laugh (there’s more of this BS scattered all over the interwebs, including Flickr sites and yadda yadda, but if you click any of the links I’ve posted here, you’ll be able to find them — I’m not made of copypasta!)

I look forward to following this one. My favourite part is always where the people on the UFO forums all say “I work with Photoshop professionally, and if this is a phoney, it’s a very good one!” (i.e. the board you’ll get to by clicking “elaborate” above). Yeah. Saturated white backgrounds make it extremely difficult to airbrush things out…


I love how the artist here has used several screen names to post pictures to a number of different sites, and gotten a few friends involved to pose as multiple witnesses. It makes the whole thing so much more “authentic” and hilarious.

Second Life vandals deface Edwards HQ with blackface

Majikthise : Second Life vandals deface Edwards HQ with blackface

Suffice it to say that defacing the Edwards HQ with excrement and blackface was a pathetic waste of time.

Suffice it to say that whoever did this has a lot of time on their hands, and that wasting time was exactly what they were going for.

The guys who did this are most likely teenaged forum goons.

Yep. Definitely. Or maybe they’re from eBaum’s World.