You know what, WordPress? I’m sick of you always asking me for a title.

Know what I don’t miss? (Well, not that I can anymore.) PMS. I switched off of NuvaRing because of, er… female issues… (Sucks, because other than those issues it was much less of a pain in the ass than anything else I’ve tried.) Right now I’m using other methods, and whhheeeee… I forgot allllll about mood swings and zits. Yay for both of those! I was used to the lovely plateau I was constantly stuck on. Not too high, not too low. But especially not too high. Now, though… Back to crying at toothpaste commercials (and oh god, it’s almost Christmas cellphone commercial season) and exploding for no particular reason. Sorry Sean. Although, you were kind of being a jerk tonight. I think. Hard to tell. PMS brainfog of evil! Also, red wine. And not even good stuff. Box wine. Who left this here? Dan, I think? Well, Dan… you’re fired.

In other brain-squashing news… Internet got turned off, because who knew!? You gotta pay for that shit! Whoops. Currently connected through my cellphone, plugged in through USB, set as a modem. Good thing I hacked that shit long ago. Ahhh, T-Mobile. Weren’t counting on me being able to get proper GPRS when you sold me $5.99 unlimited data transfer, were you! The only web access enabled without messing around with things you’re not meant to mess around with is the part where they try to sell you $2 ringtones. Fuck that shit. Anyway, as cool as I am, this is slow as something that is really, really goddamn slow. Even with images turned off. How am I going to check MySpace now!?

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