The Internet is like, overflowing with smartitude lately.
“do u remmber me soo niuce ur boobs what size ur boobs?”

Uh… yeah. I remember every single guy on the internet who has ever asked to see my boobs. Because there’s only like… 5,897,547,235 of you. ZOMG! A girl on the Internets!

In this day and age, it is pretty durn convenient to have me a unisex middle name. You know, in case I ever want to talk about something other than the fact that somebody seems to have left a reasonably attractive pair of breasts in my shirt.

Okay, okay… I encourage it. Only because I like to feel vastly superior to everyone on the planet as a hobby. It still boggles my mind that people can be so retardified by titties. I should post some chatlogs I’ve got in my IM history from the last few days… of people talking to my completely UNCONFIGURED chatbot. It asks them questions like “So, have you seen *favmovie*?” because I haven’t set any of the variables. And they still don’t catch on.

We’re all doomed.

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