So why the crap am *I* a node? I’m boring.

I don’t know about anyone else… but I’ve been online since I was a preteen (early 90s), and while from moment to moment there are definitely things I keep private (direct message worthy, if you will), it seems strange that the entire world wouldn’t or shouldn’t know exactly what I’m doing from moment to moment. None of it is anything I’d want to hide, in any case (whether or not I’d feel the need to share it unasked — I’m generally too lazy, otherwise). It wouldn’t really bother me if the majority of my private life was publicized. I’ve learned from an early age to own all of my bits and bytes. They are essentially ME. I’m a database of information just as much as I’m a collection of atoms. I’m gonna have to keep rights to the atoms, but the data is all public domain!

Saying all of that, I’m also not sure why anyone is interested. If so much information is available to absolutely everyone, who the hell cares about little ‘ol me? There is so much more information available about everyone, but we’ve still got only 24 hours in a day. I think this is why people continue to latch onto “celebrities”. If we were to divide our attention there could never be any overlap, and no collective experience. And when it comes down to things, humans are social animals. If our experiences don’t match up to some degree, the only possible result is chaos. So we form clusters. Something something bees bees bees blah blah I forget what I was writing. Wine drinking continues. Why the fuck are you clustering around a drunk… even if there are only a few of you. Is it the sweet sweet smell of fermented grapes?