Did I really not title this entry?

It would really be helpful to me if there was any sort of a store selling mailing supplies located anywhere other than as far as possible from the post office. No, really. The map I’m looking at shows me that all mailing supply suppliers are located precisely halfway between any two post offices. And both mailing supplies and post offices are located in such a way as to make them as inconvenient as possible to get to. 0.8 miles away, eh. But I have to take three buses to get there? (No, I’m not walking with all of these packages).

We used to live across the street from the Lakeview USPS. Moving was the worst idea ever. If you forget to consider the mold spores that were slowly killing us, the landlord’s kid playing Grand Theft Auto on the world’s loudest surround sound system at 4am, the leaky shower upstairs that probably would have rotted through the ceiling and landed on one of our heads by now, or the fact that the entire building probably ought to be condemned. Yes, but aside from all of that, it was pretty convenient to pop downstairs to buy some stamps.

I should probably get out of here already. This is likely to take three hours.