There is a category on my blog called “beverages”, so here’s me using it

I don’t think I can drink Dr Pepper anymore.

Not since realizing that it tastes like baby powder smells.

I wasn’t sure if it always tasted this way and I never noticed before, or if they changed something at some point.

But I did some research and determined that I ruined it for myself by paying too much attention. Somebody else figured it out in 2005.

Either way, I’m a bit sad about this, and I have been sad since February 15th.

Goodbye Dr Pepper, but you are too much like drinking liquefied Powder Fresh deodorant.

Sick of being lied to by juice

If you’re going to call the flavour of your juice “orange tangerine”, the main ingredient shouldn’t be apple juice. It’s a good thing I happen to like apple juice, and that I knew what I was in for (reading labels is good for you), because otherwise this entry wouldn’t be so short, and I’d be missing reality television in a few minutes. But I’m just sayin’. It’s not even technically a lie, I guess. There are oranges and tangerines (which were also oranges, last time I checked) in there somewhere. It’s worse. They’re trying to be sneaky. Goddamn disingenuous beverages!