Does four years really qualify as an unfortunate delay?

I got the following letter in the mail from AT&T a few days ago along with a rebate cheque dated 01/06/2011:

AT&T rebate letter

Here’s our service activation summary, showing that my AT&T DSL account was activated on 01/30/2007:

AT&T service activation summary

The phone number and website listed on this form no longer exist.

A bit ridiculous, I think. I forgot all about this rebate sometime in February of 2007. I cancelled my AT&T service sometime in March of 2007. I have no idea what the rebate was originally supposed to be, so I don’t know how much the “additional amount” is, but damn straight you better pay me some kind of interest after almost four years! I’m surprised they honoured it at all. Who would notice if they didn’t? I figure there must have been one wiener out there pursuing this rebate all along. Congrats to them, it’s finally paid off. I hope the time they spent over the last four years is adequately rewarded by the $54.99 they’ll be receiving.

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