Nonexistent as Far as I’m Concerned Soup

Why is Web Soup the only TV show I can’t find on the web? Not for free, not for a fee. Not legally, not illegally. I mean, doesn’t it seem logical that of all of the shows that are online Web Soup would be one of them? Take a look at it’s title, FFS.

Especially when it’s watched by gigantic nerds, many of whom are early adopter types who (like me) have cancelled cable in favour of Hulu, Netflix, streaming from network sites (PlayOn makes this super awesome), purchasing through iTunes or Zune, etc. or (yes) torrenting?


Although, as a gigantic nerd I have generally seen most of the featured videos. But the banter! I can never absorb enough witty banter.

4 thoughts on “Nonexistent as Far as I’m Concerned Soup

  1. Find out if Tosh.0 is available online, a show for people who don’t have the internet.

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