I think I’ve got some Tyler Durden-esque scenario going on

I didn’t take Monday off of work so that I could stay in Toronto a) because I wanted to see Metric on Sunday, and b) because I’d be fucking myself over come Tuesday, ’cause ain’t no one else gonna do my work for me…

So, what happens on Monday? Migraine from hell. Spent the entire day in bed. I blame United Airlines for cancelling my flight and messing up my carefully scheduled lack-of-sleep plan. And now, I’m fucked. I’ve gotta stay here until I finish all of yesterday’s work, and today’s work, too. Every second I waste (uh, just like I’m wasting ’em now) is another second I have to stay in this cubicle.

Should have just stayed in Toronto, gone shopping, gone to see Cyanotic in Burlington (which I hear somehow wasn’t awful? WTF? I guess there’s just nothing else to do in Burlington?), and blah blah blah.

I slept for at least 20 hours yesterday, but I feel like I haven’t slept in weeks. Either I have multiple personalities that take over when the one named “Candice” is unconscious, or I should probably see a sleep specialist.

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