Fish-belly off-white

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Carrying on… my sister Laurel and I were rescued from the fate of spending money we don’t have on Queen St. by a trip to The Issssssssland with Raymi, Phil, Casie and Dave.

Poor Laurel and I aren’t used to this thing you mortals call “the sun”, so excuse us if we were out of sorts (or just altogether too drunk!). Personally, I call that orb in the sky the Day Star, and it burrrrrns us! Look how “pale” Raymi (middle) is (sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm). I thought I had only managed to burn my shoulders and freckleize my face, but I noticed a tan line (what?) on my ass (not pictured) earlier today. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’m also not sure how I didn’t burst into flames. So, anyone who sees me in the near future… this is me with a tan. Pity me, pity me, pity me.

Oh, by the way… I changed my hair again, or rather, removed most of it. I was informed that I look very much different from photos of myself online, but there’s a mathematical law (related to the study of Bistromathics) that states that my appearance in any photograph is necessarily completely unrelated to my appearance in person. I can’t be bothered to keep my avatars and such up to date. By the time I change the darn things everywhere, I’ll look completely different, anyway. Some people are convinced I’m a chameleon.

Babbling re-commences next time I can convince my lily-beige ass to stay in one place for five minutes. We’re having a restless day today.

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