This is why we don’t pay you, Comcast

The Comcast guy didn’t show up to fix our cable today. This is the second time someone has been scheduled. The cable line coming into our apartment is old/bad, and needs to be replaced, but I guess it’s never going to happen. So, I’ve pulled as much of the line as I can up through our floor, and taped it to the wall in such a way that the signal seems as strong as possible. Meaning that certain channels on our non cable-box having TV are snowy, but at least no longer snowy AND in black and white. And that my Internet connection still sucks ass, but at least no longer cuts out every 15 seconds (I’ve managed to get it down to every 5 minutes or so).

I figure we’ll probably move out of here before I manage to get a tech guy out… even if we don’t wind up moving out in the next month or two like Sean wants to. Because I think I misheard the time span I was given on the phone. I don’t think they said between 10 and 12 AM. I think they might really have said between 2010 and 2012.

Anyway, I’m posting this mostly to point out that I’m not (necessarily) ignoring anyone’s e-mails or IMs etc… It’s just such a pain in the ass to have to press send 87 times to get anything to work. Packet loss packet loss packet loss packet loss packet loss packet loss packet loss packet loss packet loss packet loss.

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