A stupid commercial? What are the odds?!

If I don’t complain about this now, I’m going to explode. I don’t know why I am so irritated, but every time I hear this commercial on the radio, I get increasingly more hateful towards the universe.

It’s the one where some girl answers the phone only to realize that a friend of hers has dialed her number accidentally from her purse. She spends the remainder of the ad yelling at her friend, trying to get her to realize her mistake, so that she can hang up the phone. The point of the commercial is supposed to be that US Cellular (I think that’s the company) offers free incoming calls, so that your friends can’t waste your minutes. Even if you’re too stupid to realize that it is in fact possible to disconnect a call from either end. Bitch in the commercial just needs to hang up. Problem solved. What. The. Crap.

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