Fair Warning

Or it would be, if only Sean paid any attention to anything I post online. Next chance I get, the Beetlejuice ringtone on our phone is so being replaced by “Yakety Sax”. No one knows the joy that it brings to me. Maybe I’m just slightly tipsy. Imma gonna get offa the Internets, now. Imagine that. Y’know what’s even more emo than having a LiveJournal? Yeh — having a real journal. S’okay, though. I stopped writing terrible poetry in there when I was 13. Remind me to repost my pathetic depressed-13-year-old website sometime, though. Manohman, what a stereotype I was. Hay, that shit fast-tracked me into art school. If I’m gonna be a stereotype, best be believing I’m gonna be a superior stereotype. Coulda been doing that shit as a living by now. Jebus, what a joke. Tampon in a teacup. So very paradigm shifting. Ramble end.

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