myPress Test

I don’t know why I didn’t ever bother to look for something like this earlier. Because a plugin for WordPress that automatically crossposts to MySpace had to exist. Now you losers who don’t bother to look at my website (okay, it’s not as if I ever update it anymore) don’t have to. As long as this works. This should eliminate a huge source of annoyance for me.

I don’t think that anyone I know on MySpace is this particular brand of nerd, but for those of you reading this outside of that craphole, I’ll link yer to the script: myPress. There is a hack needed to get it working (search the text for “Line 188” to find it) (MySpace has added a hash to the blog entry page — asshats).

My first attempt to crosspost (without the hack) resulted in the deletion of my last two MySpace posts (I deleted the rest of them myself, because I’m crazy like that). Oh well. If you missed them, the first one can be approximated by typing “Patrick Stewart Sejanus” into a Google Images search. The second one linked to The Passion of the Benny Hill. Yays.

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