Paris Hilton is my Hero

I’m still working on properly wording the reasons why, lest any of you think I’m joking.

I am entirely serious.

Paris Hilton is a genius.

While I’m dealing with my cognitive dissonance, there’s also this:

Are people really still whining about Google Street View? Because the fucking name itself kind of implies that one would be able to view the related images from the street. There’s a reason they don’t call the site Google Toilet-Bowl Vview. I mean, I don’t know if you guys were aware, but… most streets are public property, which means that they are not private property, which means that you are not entitled to privacy on those streets, since you’re in public (am I going in circles). This is why people invented curtains and fences. Pointing a (zoom) lens at half-naked celebrities from half a mile away on a public street… kind of creepy, but entirely legal. Pointing a lens at half-naked celebrities from directly in front of them with their explicit permission… somehow potentially illegal, inappropriate, and obscene / yadda yadda yadda. A plentiful financial bounty can be yours, with the right attorney! See the power some nails and wood can give you? Build a barrier and STFU, penises. Or find a convenient knot-hole, and become rich overnight! No brains or hard work involved in either one of these strategies.

And in the case of you pathetic non-celebrities? Pff. If we can see you from the street, no doubt you’re trying to be seen. And if we can see you protesting on television, no doubt you’re trying to make a quick buck and get your fifteen minutes. Fucking hypocrites. Speaking out against what you most crave. And if you’re not on television? What the fuck. I don’t give a shit about you. Fuck off.

[edit]Extra emphasis in order to be more facetious.[/edit]