Soooooo tired

I think the last time I got a full night’s sleep was… uh… I can’t remember.

I just got back from Toronto. This time, the train ride back home was TWICE as long as my flight. I’d take a nap, but as my sister discovered this weekend, it is not even close to possible to wake me up once I’m unconscious. Setting my alarm would have no effect, and besides, doors at Metro for Metric open in half an hour. I’ve got to change! And put some Noxzema on this sunburn! Sol:1, Candice:0. No tan whatsoever. Just some painfully red shoulders, and a 100% increase in freckles. Was spared my sister’s fate of a red sniffer only because my foundation is SPF 15.

Ramble pointlessly some more, but I have to go destench myself and then leave again. No rest for Candices.