November 22, 2001

Little girls often cannibalized their babies by chewing on fingers and toes, causing them to disappear altogether.

Why don’t you do us all a favour and disappear altogether?

Some experts believe the ice cap could disappear altogether by the end of the 21st Century.

Bluish or grayish Mongolian spots on the back or buttocks usually fade by school age, though they may never disappear altogether.

When bleeding occurs, your sight may become hazy, spotty or even disappear altogether.

Yet the bubble is expanding so quickly.

Religion as we know it may in the future disappear altogether.

There is good news regarding the plague, and we are hopeful, given what people say, that it will soon disappear altogether, and then, if it please God, you will not have this impediment preventing your return.

They suspect he is being tortured and could be made to ‘disappear’ altogether if there is no public outcry.

In women who are not pregnant, hyperthyroidism can affect menstrual periods, making them irregular, lighter, or disappear altogether.

Latencies become lengthened progressively to unrecordable levels as 19.

I’m trying to find them before they disappear altogether.

Side-effects of the antidepressants become less severe but do not disappear altogether.

After high school time collapses and differences in age matter less, until they disappear altogether into the complexities of a life.

How small things can actually get before they disappear altogether?

The few times I had to speak, my voice would either crack noticeably or disappear altogether.

If A = B, then the solution curve is a circle, which may degenerate to a single point or disappear altogether.

Time seems to have a way of causing some things to pass from our consciousness, or to disappear altogether.

Above some threshold, stable states of heavier nuclei disappear altogether and there is no nuclear physics at all.

At that time goodness will abound on all sides and evil will disappear altogether.

Mold will likely never disappear altogether, but there are precautionary steps that can be taken to minimize your exposure.

On the 1st of January 2002, the guilder in the Netherlands will disappear altogether and will be replaced by the euro as the common currency.

It is mighty, indeed, and yet how long do you think you could possibly refrain from boredom if she were to disappear altogether?