EWTN has a new show Sunday mornings called “Finding God Through Faith and Reason”. Apparently (according to the commercial) they are going to give evidence that PROVES God’s existence. Pretty impressive, huh? You’d think the show would be bigger news…

Im sorry, Catholics

Your services are good at getting me verrrry sleeeepy, though. I wonder if it’s because they’re so boring, or if I’m being hypnotized and brainwashed. Whatever. It’s so late that it’s early, and kids shows came on on the catholic channel. Puppets are singing a song with the lyrics “I’m sorry God, and my sins make me sad”. Beat the sense of self worth out early, huh. Now they’re trying to explain to kids how they can possibly believe things that aren’t in the bible (purgatory). Hows about explaining how they can believe anything that is in the bible before moving on to something even more irrational.

not suitable for human consumption

Dasani always tasted a little soapy. Now they’ve taken it to a new level of disgusting by adding fruit flavours. Mmm! Lemon Joy! Do not drink it. PS if you’re buying bottled tap water and you have an alternative, you’re an idiot anyway. I guess then you might actually like something as horrifying as the liquified evil I just drank. Anyway. New Jersey, your lack of cellphone reception disappoints me. No e-mail and no RSS makes Candice something something. Glad to be leaving your sorry state of a state.