Why I read very few of the most popular blogs

Number of posts per day: a fuckload
Portion of the fuckload I give a shit about: a few
Portion of the few that I’ve already seen on smaller blogs: most of them
Portion of the few that are original content or links I that haven’t already seen in the last week and that will therefore be reposted by smaller blogs within minutes to hours: the rest (i.e. not very fucking many)

I’d make this into an infographic, but here’s one thing that’s been boring me to death lately: infographics. They’re over. They’ve been over. (Not as over as steampunk, though.) Please stop. Construct the Venn diagram for this post in your mind, if you must.

I do need the rest of you to continue slogging through Boing Boing, anything Gawker, reddit, Digg, even Kottke (and I have a deep-seated, long-standing hatred of Kottke… of which the origin has been forgotten, but even so, fuck him). You are my social sieve. Thank you for contributing to the efficiency by which I jam my brain full of pointless trivia.

Or, ideally, Google could somehow figure out a way to make Reader weed out or group duplicates in my RSS subscriptions? Please? I don’t really need to see 50 reposts of every XKCD comic.

Answers. Nwo!

Okay, I’m too lazy to figure this out myself right now, because a quick Google search didn’t instantly turn up the answer (if there is one). Is it possible to get StumbleUpon to stop showing me stumbles that consist of a single Jpeg? Because I really don’t care for them, and it ruins the entire thing for me. 2 out of 3 stumbles are images. Lame!

Whining about MySpace

In any case, have I told you lately how much I hate MySpace, Internet?

I rarely get any personal e-mail directly to my lovely spam-filtered, totally-controlled-by-me, easy-to-access-from-anywhere regular e-mail address anymore. Everyone I know sends messages to my MySpace account instead. Which means that if, say, I’m reading my e-mail on my cellphone, all I get is a notification message with a useless link (because there’s no way I’m ever going to bother checking MySpace with Opera Mini on a freakin’ Razr).

Even if I’m checking mail on my home computer, I still have to go through the otherwise unnecessary steps of clicking through to MySpace, logging in, and finding the message in a jumble of spam. Pain in the fucking ass. Why do people actually prefer sending messages through a third party, when it’s at least 74 times easier, by my calculations, to send a regular e-mail. Especially when you consider that that third party seems to be experiencing “unexpected errors” more often than not, making communication impossible. At least use OkCupid or Facebook or whateverthefuckelse guaranteedtobebetterthanMySpace nomatterwhatitis.

Everyone hates MySpace, right? Guess the internet has a lot of masochists. I’ve been so tempted lately to delete my account, but I’m pretty sure I’d cease to exist to a good chunk of the people I communicate with online.

Oh, rite. Relevant link from Slap in the Facebook: It’s Time for Social Networks to Open Up. Yes, plz.


Raymi – Says whatever she feels like saying, and doesn’t care what you think about it.
Gala Darling – Almost (but not quite) motivates me to get off of my ass. Somehow blogs about fashion without making me feel vapid.
Deletia – Is disgustingly clever, and has been on my reading list for years and years (now with RSS!) Must resist temptations to repost all of her links, so go follow them from her site!
Memoirs of a Skepchick – Skeptical / atheist women are few and far between, especially the outspoken ones. So this makes me crazy happy.
Majikthise – A) named after a character in my favourite book of all time, B) stands up for the little guy (and girl!)

Google reader

Needs to show me the author and category of posts in list view (and for that matter — anywhere at all). Or else.

That’s right.

Or else.

Isn’t there any decent RSS reader out there?

This is not a rhetorical question.

And I mean, for Windows.

Fuck Windows. Bah.