Yay! Errands!

My bank account is going to fuckin gonna overdraft now, through no fault of my own, because I can’t make a deposit, because trasactions I made myself triggered fraud protection and OMG if someone was going to fraudulently DEPOSIT money to my accout, yeah, that would probably upset me. Best prevent that from happening while you’re messing with me. I fuckin hate receiving random mysterious cash. OMGWTFBBQ. Chase, I fucking hate you. I took a frikkin bus from bank A, which wasn’t accepting vcash deposits to bank B, which fuckin just denied to give a shit about my bank card at all. Now I am walking home because there’s no bus coming anytime soon, and my account is going to explode despite the fact that I have a pocketful of cash. And i’l be damned if I’m not stopping off at Jewel and buying a bottle of wine. Mother fucking fuck!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, switch

Tried to sleep. Didn’t take. My thoughts are racing, but I’m not thinking anything, so it’s difficult to stop. Just random sounds and concepts repeating. Over and over and over again. Because that’s what repeating means. I’m restless, but paralyzed. It’s a very uncomfortable state of being. This happens to me now and then. Eventually, the restlessness overpowers the paralysis. How that built up energy manifests itself, that’s what I can never predict. I guess it depends what sort of mood I’m in when my brain reaches that singularity. What will it be this time? Creativity or destruction? At the moment, all I know is that this is giving me a headache.

I’m not suicidal, I just can’t get out of bed.

Wrote this on the 1st, but obviously couldn’t figure out how to post it from my phone in my inebriated state:

So I can still have food and blog. But don’t get me wet. Watchin’ our pals set at… whatever bar this is. Stayted with M I’m rewasonably sure. Drink, drank, drunk, lovely Saturday, despite irritating weather. Got up 10;30am or so, clearedb out my interbutt obligations, then lazed. Now hanging out drunkening. ‘Tis great. Forget the shitty week that came before, and the one that comes shortly. Nod your head to the beat. Get fuckin’ drunk. I wish the rest of my week was like this. Starving artistry is the life for me. <3

So yeah. I got my wish today. Starving artistry it is. Job’s not here. Job went away. Job’s gone.

[edit] The first bit of that thar blockquote refers to the original title, which was something like “It’s still before midnight.” Was trying to stick to daily posting. I’m failing, oh well. [/edit]

Sorry excuse for a post!

It’s my Twitter word cloud. I’m pretty surprised that “fuck” isn’t bigger…

You can find your own, and a bunch of other pointless data at TweetStats.com. Here’s mine. Whooopdeeshit!

Cheerfulness index will remain unstable throughout the day

Ugh. Work. I don’t want to go there today. I’m up early, and in a productive mood… and who wants to waste precious productivity on doing their job. About to become a grumplor. Having trouble with my computer machine. Can’t get the right drivers to install for my webcam, so brightness is stuck all the way up, and it looks like I’m living on the sun. Which might be nice. 17 degrees Celsius outside? What’s up with that? Vancouver, why have you stolen all our extra degrees. Apparently this is the coldest July in eleventy years (it was more like 67 but I have probably forgotten the real number). That’s really okay with me, I guess. I get to spend most of the damned summer cooped up in a small box like some sort of animal. Not that humans aren’t animals. But. Like some sort of zoo animal. And, well… I like to go to the zoo alright, but I think they’re mean (so I guess that makes me a terrible person *shrug* — hypocrites, all of us). Damn, I wish I was headed to the zoo right now, though. I’ve had enough XHTML and CSS and ASP and JS and OMGWTFBBQ for the week. I’d had enough by 10am Monday morning. Le sigh.

Well, here’s something. I don’t even know if I mentioned it on Twitter, because it’s probably awful (haven’t watched it, not going to!) I don’t even remember what song this is. I remember either intentionally picking ABC, because of Michael Jackson hypejunk, or possibly intentionally picking ABC, because of Michael Jackson hypejunk. So, be surprised.

I didn’t reach my high score by a long shot. I guess I wasn’t drunk enough. So I don’t know if I still have the number one score in the world. In other news, I’m a geek.