How do spelling mistakes happen? Serious ones, I mean.

Not typos.

Not grammatical errors.

Not putting i on the wrong side of e.

Not anything from the list of commonly misspelled words.

Not screwing up some absurd foreign word with too many or not enough vowels.

Not mixing up homophones or near-homophones or not-even-really-close-at-all-but-I-can-sort-of-see-a-resemblance-homophones.

I’m talking about spelling mistakes where the person must have known they had no idea which letters to put in which order.

I recently saw a Formspring question that contained “exhorbent” (exorbitant) and “execorbate” (exacerbate).

If you’re the person typing those things, you’ve got to realize that you’re unsure of how to even pronounce what you’re trying to spell. Right?


So why do these people try in vain to guess? They know they’re guessing. Don’t they?

Don’t they?

I can almost see pulling this kind of shit in a situation where there’s no access to a dictionary, but substituting another word would be my preferred choice.

Online, two seconds spent with Google will fix everything. And if someone can’t manage to figure things out that way they can still substitute another word.

Unless they don’t care if people think they’re stupid.

Is that the problem?

Do people not care if they seem stupid?

That doesn’t make sense, does it?

Because if that’s the case, why are they trying to use big words in the first place?

Explain this shit to me.

2 thoughts on “How do spelling mistakes happen? Serious ones, I mean.

  1. Sometimes you’ve just gotta get the words out, like some kind of tremendous mental ejaculation.

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