You should know me better by now, Google

J-Walk, one of 8,000 blogs I read daily, posted an entry with a link to Google Ads Preferences, which endeavours to “make the ads you see on the web more interesting” by tracking your cookies and guessing at your interests and demographics.

Here’s what Google thinks it knows about me, with the wrong bits crossed out in red:

Hovering over the little question mark after the last item reveals the text “based on the websites you’ve visited, we think you’re interested in topics that mostly interest men.” Which is probably true. Sexy ladies and sci-fi. Sexy sci-fi ladies. Taking shit apart. Computer nerdery. I’m pretty girly for a man, though.

Anyway, I’m also interested in accuracy, categories, lists, not having any privacy and repetitive activities. So I made a few corrections:

And now… I’ll go back to not looking at any ads in the first place on account of running AdBlock.

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