Sorry, starving people in Africa

Which should I feel more guilty about? Wasting food or wasting money?

At the local grocery store one gallon of milk costs less than whatever the next wacko American size down is. Half gallon? Quart? Who cares. Point is: a lot of milk = $1.46, way less milk = $1.54 (I might be off by a few cents here; it’s not like I employ a fact checker).

There is no way in hell my husband and I will ever use an entire gallon of milk before it spoils. Frozen milk is just bleh, plus I’m way too lazy and short of freezer space to do that anyway. I only buy milk once in a while for recipes.

I bought the gallon. Half of that might end up in stomachs. The other half will be poured down the drain in chunks while I make my disgusted face.

Stupid. Just stupid. So let’s just turn this post into another excuse to quote The Simpsons.

Kent Brockman: Coming up next, a new fad that’s sweeping the nation — wasting food.

There’s also a Facebook group for this shit, since there’s a Facebook group for absofuckinglutely everything: New Craze sweeping the Nation–Wasting Food. Actually, there are several wasting food groups, that’s just the first one I found. Arggle blarggle.

8 thoughts on “Sorry, starving people in Africa

  1. Subsidies? Without consumer intervention, food is already being wasted. Now if my sandwich can fit into this little cheque envelope to Africa…

  2. i wish i could help starving people in Africa. i really wish i could.

  3. Most cats are lactose-intolerant. But if it doesn't make them puke on your pillow, it's probably okay.

  4. what do you think about people spending more money on their pets than helping starving kids

  5. If there are starving kids, those ought to be adopted before pets, perhaps, as far as instinctual thought goes. But thing is, no one wants them other than people who can’t afford them. Probably, someone should have prevented them from being born. Kid problem solved. Condoms. The pets, though, we do want, and we have them in our homes on purpose. And they’re a part of a family, unlike starving no-names. Pets first, then. This line of thinking also implies that unless you’re a cat or dog breeder you should fix your animals, because it’s equally no one’s obligation to care for orphaned, feral animals. And then again… they’ve become nature, let them fend for themselves. Cuteness is obviously some sort of ploy to get us to care. Ain’t wokring, wormy, mangy bastards. Okay, yes it is. Price is Right something or other. And then apply that to poor adults capable of reproducing but not of caring for their young. Or is that unethical. Whatever. The final answer from middle class white people to the world: whatever. (My actual response is: fucking education, it’s great!)

  6. i like what you’re talking about, but theres whining about it, and then theres doing something about it. just saying

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