But why block so many people, Candice, why!?

I post damned irregularly over here, so (nearly) no one reads this blog, and all none of you have asked any questions, but I’m in blabbity mode today.

@questular is my follow-whore Twitter account. I’ve got plenty of followers over there, but approximately 0% of them value me and/or are of value to me. Or did/were, when I was still messing with them, anyway.

I don’t post links on @candice nearly as often as I used to (I moved my linkage to @candibot, though I haven’t put much effort into pointing that out), but when I did, depending on the time of day, I usually got at least 20 clicks (with 500-some followers), as opposed to maybe one click (with thousands of followers). 500 (now 777) is an artificially low follower count, but of the hundreds (and hundreds) of followers I’ve blocked, hardly any of them were ever interested in me in the first place. Good riddance, meaningless integer incrementers!

I’d like to be able to keep track of how many people are really paying attention to me. Since my follower count doesn’t automatically reflect that (although spammers, at least, are eventually removed), I do it by hand. Pointless, really… in the end, there are just about the same number of people who give a damn about my feed, but I do it anyway. OCD?

I know normal people probably just check out how many people reply or retweet or follow their links. I shrug, and I shrug again! Possibly (definitely) I just have too much time on my hands. But I doubt very much that the number of replies/RTs/clicks I get has been affected more than the teensiest little bit (though I’m gladly minus the contributions of jerks, perverts, spammers, idiots, and trolls), and my percentages must be crazily higher than they would have been otherwise. So if I ever start to care about that, bonus for me!?

Also, my followers are awesomer than yours (on average), :p

It would be so lovely if they’d let me protect my account (approve or reject followers) without making it private.

14 thoughts on “But why block so many people, Candice, why!?

  1. I still check in on occasion… but that's here and not twitter. I've become more of a Buzz person myself. Mostly that it integrates seamlessly with google maps on my phone. Anyway, yup yup, after… 12 years? Maybe 11? I'm still around!

  2. Yeah, you've commented here before, I think. Did I reply? I forget. I'm flaky with that nonsense, but then, you knew that!

    BTW, all this stuff gets pushed to Buzz (not my Twitter feed anymore, though), so you win if you add me. I haven't tried it on my phone yet, which is silly, for 'tis an Android.

  3. Yup yup, once or twice I've commented here. I'm liking my Droid phone. Mostly as it's free being work provided. But I've done the rooting and am currently on the bugless beast rom. Fun times.

  4. But you can't follow yourself. And you are following me.

    Therefore, my followers are awesomer than yours.

  5. I've had a lot of these same thoughts. I post regularly to twitter and wonder just how many people am i really reaching. Is this really the best platform where I should be posting?

    Aside from those concerns, there's a handy tool that tells you which of the people you follow have been inactive. http://twitoria.com/

    It would be nice to have a tool that lists everyone who has @replied to you in the past.

  6. I use about 17 tools to prune my accounts down to the minimum. There are very few people I follow that don't follow me back, last I checked, because those people are jerks, and I don't like jerks!

    I don't necessarily care how many people I'm reaching (I would post here are on Twitter even if no one followed, probably), but it's still data. AND I HOARD DATA!

  7. OH I want to see the links to your 17 tools! +holds hands out palms up, touches fingertips to palms+ +repeats+ gimme gimme!

  8. OH I want to see the links to your 17 tools! +holds hands out palms up, touches fingertips to palms+ +repeats+ gimme gimme!

  9. I may have exaggerated the numbers slightly. One day I will make a list. Be aware that when I say “one day” it generally means sometime next century.

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