thank you to the one i hate

i don’t know you, and you won’t read this, and this is irrelevant to anyone else on the planet. but. i love you because you make me jealous. i’m still going to kill you. i’m still going to boil inside. i’m still going to obsess over things that should have been. that would have been (horrible). whoop dee do. i haven’t filled this many notebooks since art school killed art for me, so thanks again. unrelated (do you know what a pain it is to send email from my phone?): i am redoing this site when i get home. or you can (need to) punch me in the face. i’ll start posting more here once i do. i swear. i’ll still be just as vague as ever, though. the juicy stuff is is for the illegible notebooks. oh god, i’m irritable today. emotions are for suckers. CANDICE SMASH!!!

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