I was just going to throw my vote away, anyway

Guess who won’t be voting in the Canadian election today!? That would be me. Considering I’m currently in Chicago and all. I feel very irresponsible, and I’m going to feel like a sham when I complain for the next few years. But it’s not my fault. I don’t think. I never received my special ballot. I don’t know who to blame. Elections Canada? Canada Post? The United States Postal Service? There are just too many organizations that I don’t trust whose hands it would have had to pass through. I sent in my form over a month ago, but meh. I didn’t really follow up on it when it didn’t show up. Hardly noticed that the date was coming so quickly. Oh well. In my particular riding, I don’t think I was going to be the deciding vote. I guess there is some apathy involved here.

Canadian expats and interested Americans (if any — none of the Americans I know even seem aware that this election exists), C-SPAN will be showing CBC’s election coverage starting at 9:30 ET. If you feel that the results are likely to cause you to require alcohol (for celebration, or in despair, whichever the case may be), connect2canada.com has a list of fine establishments that will be showing the coverage tonight. I may or may not wind up at Elephant & Castle tonight, because there’s definitely no one in my apartment that cares about any of this. Either that, or I will surely be whining on ICQ. If you don’t want to hear some whining tonight, I suggest that you avoid me.

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