Cannot sleep.

The fact that my cat won’t allow me to remove her from my head without biting me isn’t helping, either. Good thing she likes my hair (I guess it tastes good, too?), because all Sean said after taking an hour and a half to notice that it was an entirely different length and an entirely different colour was “ehhhhhhh.” Thanks, husband. Could you try to be a little bit less of a cliché next time? I am sorry that it’s not Hot Topic enough for you. (I’m trying to grow my hair — no doubt I will fail, as I have failed before. But for now I am feeling patient.)

Oh yeah, I smashed up my car today. Pity me. I feed on pity. Meh. I’m over it. As long as I don’t have any phantom neck-injuries that haven’t chosen to manifest themselves just yet. Yarg. I have to work tomorrow, damn all. Where’s a good accounting textbook when you need one?

Bah. Here’s another complaint for you, while I’m on a roll: is not posting weblog entries to my site. Figures. Just when I decide to start using something, it breaks. Hmph. Go here. It’s linktastic. And beware of WMF exploits, kids. Even using Firefox doesn’t make you safe from this one (just about three billions times safer — just say no to executing WMF files, and don’t give in to peer pressure).

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