They’d better start coming up with excuses NOW

I was just reading another crackpot article about the Mayan Long Count Calendar. Pointless to link it — just the same old bullshit. I’m only posting this entry to say that I cannot wait until the end of December 2012, when absolutely nothing of cosmic significance will happen, to see what kind of garbage the loons will come up with to explain why the world is still around. Cannot fucking wait. It’ll be like X-Day (July 5th, 1998 — the day the Church of the Subgenius claimed as the end of the world), except not a joke (and therefore, infinitely more hilarious). Probably along the lines of all those goofs the Jehovah’s Witnesses have made. They’ll just push the date forward a few years, until the next major planetary alignment, and then spend 2013 reinterpreting Mayan relief sculptures to back them up… Or maybe they’ll admit that they were wrong, and I won’t have to hear their crap any more. Yeah. Right.

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