Hay everybody!

I don’t think I even mentioned that I was going anywhere… but you might have noticed a conspicuous silence. I’ve been out on tour for the last 10 days or so with Cyanotic, acting as official scantily-clad groupie / merch bitch. I’m still on tour actually… last day (not counting one more show about a week from now). I’m in a dressing room in Milwaukee drinking free beer and partaking of the delicious veggie and cheese trays while stealing me some neighbourhood internet. I’m so glad that people are stupid, and don’t know how to secure their shit. Connections named “default” and “linksys” have been my saviours this whole tour. The “rockstars” are out wandering the streets at the moment, so I have a few minutes to download RSS feeds (Candice, you n3rd) and enjoy some goddamn fucking silence (die, extroverts, die)… I’ll post more when I’m back in Indiana, where there is less free Stoli and absolutely nothing to do. Oh. Except find a job. Moving to Chicago September 1st. Somebody hire me. I can do er… computery things and televisiony things. They both kind of suck, but anyway. Job. Give. Me. Now. Candice. Broke. Going to sign off now, though… While I can still spell.

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