Old Negativesmart posts up

I just realized that a lot of my old posts from way way back when (as early as April 2000!) are still lurking around on Blogger. I guess I imported them, like, years ago! I picked one of the no-effort templates and republished the whole thing. If you’re interested in ancient history, the posts are up at negativesmart.blogspot.com. I wish I had even older archives, but there wasn’t really much blogging software at the time, y’know. I did it all by hand, and lots of it is probably lost for good, if the Wayback Machine doesn’t have it. Other bits from my post-Blogger days are lost, too (remember when my hard drive died AND my hosting ate everything in the same week? Grr!) I think I’m going to look around on some of the old CDs I have and see what I can find, though.

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