I couldn’t resist…

Bush’s Subliminal 9/11 Backdrop?, taken from Alex Jones’ Infowars mailing list:

This one has even got me “creeped out.” I feel like I need new foil for my hat, but it just seems too clear to be a coincidence.

Look at this picture of Jr.’s speech and tell me what you see:

Oh noes!

Then ask yourself, why are those two flags folded in such an unusual manner?

This is what I see: Two towers, one on each side of Bush. AND, if you think of the blue field of each flag as the top of a “9” (with the red stripe at the bottom right hand corner of the blue field as the bottom of the “9”) and each red stripe to the right of the field as “1”s – they clearly say “9/11.”

As Jr. himself once said, “here’s no need to get subliminable about this . . .”

Here is my response:

What a fucking joke!

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