Liquor Oasis

Is an excellent name for a business establishment.

I have a lot to say lately, don’t I.

Well, fall is not the ideal time to work in schools.

Sneezed on by one kid too many.

Candice is sick.

And tired.

Waking up at 4am… that ain’t no fun.

But yesterday… I got paid approximately $43/h. Bah hah hah.

If only I could finish taking pictures every day at 9:30 am.

And if only I could arrange to say “Sit up nice and straight… Tilt your head to the left a wee bit. And turn it just a liiiiiittle bit towards the camera. Okay, say cheeseburger! Whoops, you blinked! One more time! Goooood jooooooob (Austin/Morgan/Taylor/Kayla/Chandler — yes, there are altogether too many young men named Chandler… Poor kids)!!!!” about 300 fewer times a day…

That would be nice.

Also, if kids would learn to use tissues, so that I wouldn’t be horribly horribly terribly sick…


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