They know where I live..

I’m back to receiving 48 Victoria’s Secret catalogues in the mail every week. Guess they finally realized I’ve moved. So that makes at least three addresses I’ve cursed. Generations of Or Current Residents will suffer. Or not. I take it that a sizeable percentage of male-types enjoy looking at the photos of boobies with airbrushed-out nipples. I don’t know why. Perhaps they do not have pay-per-view or the internet or girlfriends.

I guess I get so many catalogues because Victoria’s Secret noticed that I have spent many $$$ on their products this year. But they probably should give attention to the fact that I have spent approximately the same number of $$$ that they invented for me when they gave me a credit card. I didn’t spend any real money. I don’t have any of that kind of thing. And I don’t have any more make believe money, either. Unless they decide to raise my credit limit. Again. The fools.

Of course, I am the fool. Except that I enjoy paying interest and finance fees. A lot. So there! It is my favouritest thing of 3v4r! I am win! For the foreseeable future!

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