Vote Conservative…

Because stephen Harper is “definitely not scary”.

Pretty slim pickins when that statement qualifies as a press release, and when one of the two major candidates is giving restaurant tips on his campaign site. Also, amusing anecdotes:

Stephen then apologized for being so factual saying it reminded him of the time someone asked Ray Charles what the worst thing about being blind was. Charles’ answer? “Not being able to see.”

So much better than talking about GDP or GST or MRIs or the PPLC. Nobody likes acronyms. But we all like Ray Charles. And also, this is a funny joke, ha ha. The pigs down on the farm don’t like the Conservative agricultural policy, because they are pigs and they eat out of troughs just like if they were Liberals instead of being pigs (but really, what’s the difference, ho ho ho) they would be chowing down on tax dollars, because tax dollars are good eatin’. Pour some Loonies in a bowl… They stay crunchy, even in milk. That analogy almost worked, even.

Stephen is just one of us, you see. With his neato blog and all. All the cool kids have one.

Then again… Oh yah… nobody gives a shit WHAT Stephen Harper says or does, as long as he isn’t Liberal, but you probably knew that already.

I still see one slight problem. I can only approve of 50% of words in the name “Conservative Party”. And that would be the vague 50%, not the very specific 50% that leads to news stories like this, much talk about dead babies, and an unspoken but burning desire to touch George W. Bush in his bathing suit area.

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