I feel dirty for posting my results to that damn art test down there.

I’ll be glad when it’s pushed off of the screen.

I feel dirty just for mentioning it again.

I feel dirty for adding the whole sidebar doohickey.

Must make it worse, or better.
One or the other, but it cannot remain as it is.

I’m also not sure I like this design, and…

I feel dirty for mentioning that, too!

These are things I hate to read in other people’s weblogs.
That make me not come back!

Hate reading posts like:

“I added a new post to my weblog today. I think I might add a new post after I’m done adding this new post, too. But I’m a bit busy today, I’ve got to redesign my website, because I’m not sure I like this design. What do you think?
[ 2 BlogBack comments from people who actually click on those comment links, saying that they very much like the design, as if the design somehow affects everyone’s life. Drastically. ]”


“My internet isn’t working today, so I came down to this internet cafe to post and tell you that my internet isn’t working today and that I came down to this internet cafe. But I’m paying for this, so I don’t have time to tell you anything other than that I don’t have time to tell you anything.”


“I’m posting from RadioShack. Hello. I have to go now.”


“I think I post too much stupid crap. Do you think I post too much stupid crap (see poll in sidebar). So here is a stupid crappy post that amounts to more stupid crap that I’m posting to tell you that I think there is a remote possibility that I post too much stupid crap, because there is no escape from stupid crap, and once the stupid crap has begun, there shall be no end, for it is the curse of the stupid crap.”

I’m hoping I don’t have the curse.
But I realize one thing.
Most people posting inane rubbish that I don’t want to read aren’t aware of their inanity (do you know, that’s actually a word… I just looked it up, WHO CARES, WHOOOO CARES?!?!?).
Do people like to read this BS? Methinks that they do. Bah.

Well at least I know that my nonsense is nonsense.

And there are certain people who keep coming back to this site

and I don’t even pay them!

Imagine that.

(What the hell am I talking about here… if this is what I’m like when I have nothing to worry about, and I’ve gotten enough sleep, maybe somebody should give me something to worry about. Or at least something more amusing to complain about. Like the fact that there’s still a smashed egg on my window that I have no power to remove, have I told you all about that? That’s a story for another day. Or possibly today. Gosh, I thought I’d quit this horrible getting sidetracked from saying nothing by saying more nothing within parantheses problem. My brain hurts.)

Why would anybody do that?

(See, while reading the big parentheses section, you forgot what I was talking about, didn’t you.)

Yeah, why would they.

Obviously insane.
I don’t rant to be read.
I rant cause I like it.
So there.

I have more where this came from.
Oh, so much more…

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