Maybe my only solution is to allow my blog to degrade to the point that it becomes a farce.

This is where I start linking to A-List blogs.
In hopes that they’ll post a “so-and-so linked to me” post.
(Who named them A-List to begin with? Bah.
I think that things on an A-List ought to start with the letter A.
This puts me on the R-List.
You know, I used to be working my way into the B-List.
I was just leaving the C-List when I realized…

And become obsessed with my webcam.

And post links via x, via y, via z.
(Pointless, because dammit, when I see that, I don’t read your damn log anymore, I become a reader of z. Do you see?)



This has all been said before.



I’ve said this all before.

I ought to be destroyed.

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