now we know why my loans weren’t deposited

i’m dyslexic!

wrote the account number wrong.

bet whoever that was that got the money enjoyed that. haha.

but you would not believe how many damn times i checked the numbers, because i know i tend not to be able to copy them down right.

didn’t see a problem before i handed the forms in
didn’t see a problem after i handed the forms in
didn’t see a problem until i read the number out to the guy on the phone.

then i smacked myself in the forehead.

i seriously have some kind of problem.

hey, and i still managed to get mid-90s in math last year.
must be some kind of genius.
but it feels dumb to make all your mistakes by putting the decimal point in the wrong place…

watch me smack my forehead again…

oh well, $28 will last me 8-10 business days, right?

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