My new favourite band: Skellator. Er. Or not!

Anyway, here’s a story. A couple of days ago, a guy came into Timmy’s. And he had a dime stuck in his chest hair. Just sitting all snug in there like a baby bird in a nest. And that is the most interesting thing that’s happened to me in a while.

And that, my friends, is sad.

There is a guy who comes in every day and orders the chili in a breadbowl deal. He substitutes the medium coffee for a large coke (with no ice) and the donut for two cookies. Costs him about $6.52, I believe.

And what I want to know is this.
He always sits in the same spot. The quietest corner of the smoking room (it’s nice in there, it’s air-conditioned) and reads. Sometimes for several hours.
If somebody was already sitting there, what would he do?
And what if we ran out of chili?
And what is he reading that makes him want to stick around Tim Hortons so long?
Cause I sure as hell wouldn’t.
Or is it just the fact that I’m working that makes it seem like forever.

The small double-double ($1.05) and three plain old-fashioned Timbits for his dog (free) guy is moving to Vancouver. He won’t be back in the store anymore after next week. And neither will I. And that… is… excellent!

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