“Ever since the extremely truthful experiments Freud performed on his patients during the studies of psychoanalysis we have learned much on the topic of the human mind. In recent years the study of colours and their effects on the human brain have been quite extensive, branching from mood and emotional simulants, to even mind control.

“As many of you would believe, the US Army, along with other American organizations, attempted to use this new knowledge in order to prove a stronger fit in the cold war. But in the last three years most of the documentation covering the experiments performed on random civilian subjects [although not admitted openly] has been de-classified.

“I have had the chance to look through these and have gathered enough knowledge on the subject to make correct assumptions. For example, did you know that the bright lime colour with the red value between the range of 150.3 and 153.7 without any blue, and a full 255 of green will cause any viewer to become open to ideas and opinions?

“That’s right, as the studies showed, subjects made to read textual information in the format of an opinion were 85% more likely to agree and believe in that opinion than with any other colour. For more info see this link”.

Of course, I have instinctively known these facts all along. You thought I only wanted to hurt your brain, when in actuality I’ve been in control of its every thought. Not even bringing this to your direct attention can dilute the effect…

Now if only I could come up with some useful or at least entertaining applications of this theory…

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