Attention: people that read this shit or ever try to contact me

I’m about to migrate my site to another host. This means that for a few days, wacky things might go on until the DNS propagates. I will be turning comments off in a little while, because having things out of sync would just piss me off. And if you’re trying to contact me by e-mail (unlikely as it is), you might want to use my Gmail addy instead for a while (candice.taylor.payne). Yep.


I’ve been posting a lot about errands lately, haven’t I. Am I really that domesticated? Oh well, no time to think about that. I’ve got to go watch my stories and then maybe go get my hair done. And do some vacuuming. And plan dinner. And do my nails. Woop woop woop.

Windows Vista, your days are numbered

Hell, your hours are numbered. I might even go so far as to say your minutes are numbered.

I’m in the process of backing up my data. Once I’m through, it’s formatting time for my C drive, and I’m going to do a fresh install of XP to replace the one I’ve got now (with 9873 mysteriously missing DLLs). To hell with Vista. What a shitty OS. I’m looking forward to having all of my hardware and software function properly again.

Fucking gay vagina shit!

This blog is rated NC-17

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

  • fuck (10x)
  • shit (5x)
  • fucking (4x)
  • vagina (2x)
  • gay (1x)

And that’s just the first 25 entries…

I’m looking forward to hilarious new hits based on searches for the title of this entry.

(via just about every atheist/skeptic site in my sidebar)

This theme

Is probably more like something I’d design these days, if only I wasn’t so lazy. I have 87 widgets in the sidebars now, how cool is that?

I’d post something meatier if I wasn’t drunk off of my ass, and could comprehend English right about now. As it is, I have 77 text messages that I’ve sent to myself while completely out of my gourd at various bars and clubs that I’ve been waiting to compile into one entry of retardedness. I’m ever so clever when I’m unintelligible, and on the occasions where I can decipher what I was trying to communicate to myself upon becoming sober, it’s usually a treat. Or, um. Well, not. I’ll probably post a glop of that shit between now and Monday. It depends on how drunk I am between now and then… Bleh bleh.

Okay, fuck it.

If there are any problems with THIS layout, I don’t want to know about them. Because I don’t (currently) see any that are going to persuade me to sit here any longer. At least everything seems to be WORKING. Stupid WordPress stupid update making me stupid have to fix stupid everything.