Microsoft, why do you want me to firebomb your headquarters?

Reset Always Ask Before Opening This Type Of File Check Box in Vista IE » My Digital Life

[I]f you untick or unselect the checkbox of “Always ask before opening this type of file” option before clicking on save or open the downloaded files, the next time you attempt to download a file with same file type or extension IE will automatically start to download and then perform the selected action (either save or open) when finished. […]

In Windows Vista running IE7 […] there is no longer an option to reset or change this behavior to the normal default again through the usual GUI.

Whose bright idea was this!?

I was searching Google to figure out where the hell in the menus they’d moved this option, because I sure as hell couldn’t find it. I didn’t expect that they’d have gotten rid of it completely!

PS to the people who will inevitably show up here looking for the solution to the problem… Click the link above. Bleah.