I’m online because I’m antisocial*, durr

My internet connection sucks, and throws me offline a number of times a day. Just because you see me come “online” on any IM service (especially Yahoo, since it never preserves my away status), it doesn’t mean I’m now sitting in front of my machine, waiting eagerly to talk to you. If you’ll notice, I’m usually connected 24 hours a day. Coming online from having just been offline means my modem thought it should take a short break. It works hard Torrenting things all day, you know. Coming online from having just been away means I might actually want to chat. This never happens. Don’t get excited if you think you see it. You probably just weren’t paying enough attention.

Summary: Don’t ever IM me.

* Popular but completely incorrect usage of this word, I know. Sue me.

Why is that asterisk a square. Hm. WordPress, are you <li>ifying my asterisks without my permission?