Wondering where I’ve been?

I had a life on the weekend, and my internet was out for the last two and a half days. On top of that, Sean is leaving for his tour tomorrow, so there have been all sorts of people running around over here getting ready, and I’ve got a ton of things to help him with before he heads out. I’ll be back to my usual internet addiction over the weekend, but on Monday my internet will be disconnected in preparation for having AT&T switch me over to dry loop DSL (if you didn’t know you could do this, it’s new, and you can read about it over at The Consumerist — pay attention to the comments, because the phone number given doesn’t apply to all areas). I’m not sure why I have to be disconnected for two days, but that’s just how it works, apparently. It’s worth it to me to save $30 or so a month on a phone line I never wanted nor used in the first place. My internet will be back up and running again (in theory) on the 10th. Whee. See ya.