Hey, I’m not complaining for once!

Out of all the companies I’ve had to deal with, T-Mobile is the only one I’ve never had a problem with. I had an issue this month with a change I made online to one of our plans not going through properly, so I called up customer service a minute ago, didn’t have to wait on hold for more than three seconds, and spoke to a very pleasant lady who fixed the issue without any hassle. WTF, it actually put me in a better mood, unlike, say… Comcast, who just seem 100 times worse than I already thought they were (so, whatever 100 x abysmal is) in comparison. YMMV, but I’m actually so confused and surprised to receive helpful and polite customer service for once, that I had to post about it for posterity… T-Mobile owns our souls for the next two years (at least, I think that’s the max it can jump to every time you switch to another promotional plan), but I don’t think I mind. I’ve dealt with a couple other mobile providers, and um… no thanks (AT&T/Cingular, I’m looking at you).