Allergic to Chicago

Seems like this summer is turning out just like last summer. I’m looking forward to another few months of not being able to breathe, smell, or taste properly. I guess it could be a coincidence, and I’ve just recently developed these nasty allergies. But I prefer to believe that I’m allergic to the city of Chicago in general. I thought it was the cottonwoods, but tree pollen has dropped back down to low levels, so I’m apparently just allergic to everything. Grass pollen is high today. Since when am I allergic to grass? The house I lived in growing up probably had more grass than this entire neighbourhood, and I never had problems back then.

Maybe it’s not allergies. It could be the chemtrails.



Whatever the fuck it is, my body is devoting at least 90% of its energy to producing mucous. It’s beautiful. Especially when I wake up in the morning (er, afternoon) and clear out the backlog. Those wads of snot are the most lovely shade of crystal green…

Kill me.