Thing-a-Day: Day One — Not the Roast Beef, but the Gravy

References to a study or somesuch from Australia have been going around. “Female” skills are becoming endangered, apparently. (I’m not even going to get into the whole female bit.) They say that only 51% of women under 30 can cook a roast. I hope that’s wrong, because here’s how you do it: obtain meat, put meat in oven, put meat on plate, eat meat. You don’t need anything that qualifies as a recipe, as far as I’m concerned. Just instructions. Unless you consider “season to taste” a recipe. So the roast isn’t really my thing. I rarely if ever make anything like it, because it’s just my husband and me, and we never manage to finish leftovers. But I know that I can cook a roast, and I did so partly to say “so there!” to the article and partly because if you’re going to mention roasts to me so many times in a day or two, RSS feed, I am going to need to eat one.

My thing is the gravy, which I have never bothered making before. I had the idea that it was really easy to screw up for some reason, so I never tried. Either that’s totally wrong or I got lucky. And I doubt that it was luck… I looked up a recipe during the day, but just threw in what seemed like reasonable amounts of ingredients when it was time to put together (I’ve got no printer and no memory for numbers!) It was totally better than whatever that glop that comes out of a can is supposed to be, and maybe slightly less terrible for me (maybe). So hooray!

(And now we will see if I can get this posted properly — I have never used Posterous. In theory this ought to go to my WordPress blog, which may or may not automagically post it to my Twitter account. Let us see!)

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