Random babblings?

Women. What is up with you. If I see another weblog entitled “Random Babblings of ________” or “_________’s Ramblings” or “________ is an Unoriginal Twat”, I’m going to vomit. I don’t do anything here but spew forth nonsense, but at least I’ve got me a title. And at least I can manage to do something other than repost “memes” (and they’re generally not even proper memes… read some fucking Richard Dawkins), or Wednesday Wastesoftimes or Friday FuckifIcanbebotheredtocomeupwithsomethingoriginals. I don’t understand the point of any of this BS. Is it some kind of public wank-off? Is there something people are trying to prove? Because I can think of easier ways to expose yourself on the internet. And even if you think that kind of thing is degrading, it’s less spew-worthy than reposting LOLcats and e-cards from someecards.com (yes, they’re hilarious; no, they don’t take the place of your own content) (and my methods pay much better, FYI).

If you’re trying to remain relevant to actual real human beings that you know in actual real life… you might try posting something of actual real relevance. I’m freakin’ embarassed for women on the internet. There’s a Digg for chicks out there, ya’know… Called Kirtsy. I joined up, and I regret it. The popular posts are all either “Ooh! Look at these shoes!” or, well… “Ooh! Look at this [other thing you can buy]!!!” Once in a while there’s a recipe for shit you can cook for your man (that’s what you care about primarily in life, right?), or… WTF more friggin’ shoes. Or some shit that was obviously submitted by another one of those independent, work-at-home-mom, pay-per-post, oh-so-respectable-because-they’re-doing-it-on-their-own, fucking disingenuous blog spammers (I love hearing about which products you especially are into consuming this week) (and they submitted their own site, woop). Ooh, but they’re ladies. So it’s okay? Entrepreneurpfft! I don’t give a shit about cars, but I think I’ll stick to regular Digg. Less posts all about “OOOOH! PONIES!” P.S. I’m not a mom, but I do know that there are enough pointless-shit-for-moms-to-buy-please-I-need-your-advertising-zeropointnonecentsperclick sites to make me kill well into my 17th spawning.

Is this how regular females connect to other regular females? Lists of shit they want to buy? I don’t fucking know. I’m in the middle of a two-week-long migraine, and I’m not going to dig much deeper right now. But, ladies… WHAT!? Science. Math. Art. History. Did you know that there are things on the internet other than shopping? Fucking hell, try out some god. damned. porn! It’s less pathetic than posting the results to your latest “Which ______ Character Am I” quiz, and if you tell us all about it, you might even be interesting for ten seconds.

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