Okay, STFU

Canadians like the Canadian government/country/lifestyle/whateverthefuck better. Americans like the American government/country/lifestyle/whateverthefuck better. At least, the majority of them do. Blee blah bloo. Guess why. Democracy. Shut your asses. Both countries function (more or less, bleah — both democracies have issues, but they’re not like, OMFG we’re doomed, there is nothing we can do about this, wah wah wah wah wah, we have no say somehow, even though somehow we are casting ballots — fix these supposed fatal problems or close your ass) the way they people that live there have decided that they should. If enough of you loony people didn’t like things enough, they’d change them. Is this confusing? (Hm, and if they can’t muster the effort to change shit, well they should obviously shut up about it, huh? ‘Cause they really couldn’t care that much, rite?!)

And hey, is this confusing? People prefer things that are familiar to them. People prefer the way things were while they were growing up.

What the fucking fuck.

Oh, right.

But Canada is better.


Also, my local sports team is better, because their shirts have the name of my city on them. Despite the fact that none of them were born here.

Humans — get a life, already. I know that we’re irrational by nature. But I believe that you can cut it the fuck out and transcend it (at least a little teensy tinsy itty bitty bit) if you just say, uh, wtf… think now and then.

Um, beer. Parentheses, sorry. I didn’t mean it.

But whatever I’m saying here… I’m pretty sure that I’m right.

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