My internet works again!

No thanks to Comcast — we thought we’d taken just about enough of their shit when they didn’t show up on the 31st to run a new line into our apartment. Well, according to them (I don’t entirely believe them), they showed up but couldn’t get in. I don’t necessarily believe this, but granted, Comcast installers are exceedingly stupid. Good on Comcast to provide employment to the mentally handicapped, though. But I think that even the mentally handicapped should be able to figure out a door buzzer. Come on guys, we don’t even live at some crazy address like 3943 1/2 anymore. And our building and buzzers are clearly labeled. You have no excuse.

Whatever. If any of you other Comcast asshats missed me for the last few weeks, and would like to switch to AT&T in protest, I can get $25 for anyone that enters my referral code (CA1001428) here when they sign up (I’m broke, please do this :).

I must now interrupt this regularly scheduled begging to bring you this breaking news story: 4 towels, ashtray taken from Motel 6. What is the world coming to, people?

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