My mind is as wide as the sky

Um, are you kidding? We’re not cannibals and you’re a foolish twit for making such an uninformed and narrow remark.

I think it’s amazing that liberals can be so narrowminded. Keep in mind that I’m a liberal please, but being nasty and snarky about people of faith simply because you don’t understand it makes you meanly judgmental and narrow. Grow up.

a) Yes, I was kidding — Catholics aren’t cannibals, because the shit about the Eucharist literally being the body and blood of Christ is literally retarded
b) I understand perfectly well
c) I’m not particularly liberal when it comes to the issue of religion — all theists are wrong
d) I’m definitely judgemental — I think that theists are pretty durn loopy indeed
e) I’m definitely narrow, as well — I dunno, I’ve just never been able to gain weight
f) F is for fail, and you do

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